Engagement is key to learning

Employees are more stressed, distracted, and disengaged now than ever.
They forget 70% of what they learn within an hour and 90% within a week.

Let’s face it, the video content most organizations produce for training and internal communications is dull, and more importantly goes in one ear and out the other, resulting in zero behavior change.

Let’s change that.

Newscheck specializes in creating professional, engaging content that people want to watch.

We combine our strengths in comedic video production that landed us a pilot with Channel 4 with over a decade of experience in corporate training and adult education.

We can co-create content for:

New hire onboarding
IT Security awareness
Compliance (introducing and reinforcing training)
Event promotion (e.g. holiday party, sales kickoff)
Internal announcements
Comedic content for events
…and much more!

Get in touch at engagement@newscheck.ie to learn how we can partner with you to create engaging, sticky content that drives change.