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Episode 01

Asos hire male models from Irish midlands

ASOS, the fashion tech giant have developed a new photography studio in Tullamore, hiring local men as models.

Episode 02

Valuable Experience now accepted as cash

The irish central bank will accept “experience” as cash from now on.

Episode 03

Man Wins Award for Cleaning the Bathroom

The man has been married for 7 years and has never cleaned.

Episode 04

Influencer Replaces Boring Family

An influencer has replaced her whole family with better craic versions. Her real family remain missing.

Episode 05

Man Actually Does a Full Days Work While WFH

The man has won employee of the year.

Episode 06

EU Bureaucracy Run Wild

Locals are up in arms.

Episode 07

Inside a Customer Service Centre

We went undercover to see what happened inside a customer call centre

Episode 08

Room to Improve Revealed

Dermot Bannon has been making waves. And not well designed ones…

Episode 09

Russian Testing of Male Birth Control Halted

Test Subject, Vladimir Putin has shown some disturbing side effects.

Episode 10

Male Regains Virginity for Owning Crocs

HSE have returned the man’s virginity for buying crocs.

Episode 11

PHD Graduate goes back to pre-school

The man wants to stay in education.

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